What We are Thankful for at Fredman Bag

Do you recall your parents reminding you to say “Thanks!” when you were a child? Or perhaps you remember saying it more recently to your own children? From early on, we learn to express appreciation to others for their gifts, time and talents. And each November, Thanksgiving provides us an opportunity to be grateful for what we have and thank the people in our lives and communities.

Here at Fredman Bag, we’d like to pause this month and say thank you to everyone who makes us successful. Our employees and customers all help us achieve our mission.

Every day, our employees share their time and talents to share positive experiences with customers by proactively supporting their needs and consistently creating value in custom packaging solutions and promotional materials. Our team members consistently exceed expectations. We are extremely proud of the longevity of our employees and are grateful for their dedication to our company. Employees, both new and long-term, enjoy a culture that provides a safe, comfortable, and collaborative work environment.

The customers we serve have given us perspective and challenges to meet. We have welcomed that and are glad to serve these companies that span a wide variety of industries. We are thankful for their trust and glad for the partnership.

Fredman Bag wishes you, your families and your organizations a happy Thanksgiving. We are thankful for all that you do.