Why Choose Fredman Bag?

When should I consider using Fredman Bag as a supplier?
The core strengths of Fredman Bag are in flexible packaging products that have value-added features. These features include multi-color, high end printing and resealable zippers, among many other possible options. These options help get your product to market with excellent shelf presence, hopefully helping you gain market share in your industry. Configurations of products offered include bags, pouches and rollstock.


What applications would be good for Fredman Bag?
Our products are generally used for consumer goods packaging. Most of the packaging that we produce is used at a manufacturer of a consumer good and ultimately ends up going across a scanner at a grocery store, hardware store or mass merchandiser. Common applications are packaging for food, hardware or houseware items. While those are the major areas for our products, we also supply materials for medical, industrial and promotional applications.


Why would I choose Fredman Bag over another potential supplier?
At the core of Fredman Bag’s mission statement is “share positive experiences with our customers.” This is achieved by providing superior service to our customer base and developing solid, long-term relationships. We pride ourselves on our attention to timely communication across all levels of the relationship, not just Sales to Purchasing. With the extensive experience our staff has accumulated over the years, we can provide guidance over the entire spectrum of the process, from design to package filling. Pricing has to be competitive to obtain business, and a high-quality level is a must to retain business. The major factor that sets one supplier apart from another is their level of service and commitment to the business relationship.


For any questions not answered above, please contact us or give us a call at 414-462-9400. We hope you consider Fredman Bag as a source to help you grow your business.